Core Identity is about helping people permanently change their lives for the better.

We are here to help

Building personal relationships, improving communication skills, coping with loss, grief and much more.

Our highly qualified trainers know how to organize your workout in any environment.

Leaving unhealthy eating habits behind is key to reaching your health and wellness goals.

Core Identity’s treatment program treats obesity, heart disease, type 2 diabetes, eating disorders and more.

Do you ever feel that your life is spinning out of control? Did you go to school and get a degree, or take a job, or marry because someone told you it was what you needed to do to be successful? Did you know it wasn’t what you really wanted, but you did it anyway? And now, the paper is meaningless, or the job is drudgery, or the marriage lacks intimacy? Are you trying to be the man or woman of the house, provide for your family, but are feeling a lack of respect and control?

We have been there, we Can help. In our fast-tracked, information-filled, mass media driven lives more and more people are experiencing a division in their Core Identity leading to depression, unhealthy habits and diseases. We are here to help.

Core Identity is a comprehensive health and wellness company established to aid individuals by setting them on the path to healthy living. Our qualified specialists will help you with:

  • Cognitive Guidance
  • Fitness Training
  • Nutrition

Make one good choice today…
We’ll help you make another tomorrow!