About Core Identity

Are you sick and tired of being sick and tired? Are you experiencing physical symptoms and chronic conditions you cannot seem to get under control using modern methods? You may have been told by your physician that you are physically fine, yet, you can’t shake off the feeling something is wrong? Or maybe you feel your life has taken a wrong turn and now wonder to yourself “How did I end up like this?”

We have been there, we CAN help. While your body may be physically fine, as humans, we are far more than just the sum of our parts, organs, bones and blood pressure.

Everyone of us is composed of a mind, a body, and a soul. Each contribute to the central, most essential part of any person - the core. The distinguishing characteristics, also known as personality traits, are the factors which make up a person's identity.

What is a Division of the Core Identity?

Our body and soul are influenced by what is in our mind, by the decisions we make and the information we gather through our senses: touch, taste, smell, sound, and sight.

Everything we learn we take in from the world around us, be it from family, friends, or the media. Unfortunately, not everything we hear is correct or is in sync with what we believe to be true. The resulting confusion can distort our thought process leading our subconscious desires to be one sort of person, but find ourselves acting in a contrary manner. This is what we call an identity division.

How does this happen?

At one point or another you were sidetracked from your life's path, whether by a traumatic event, a breakup, abuse, a loss, or just because of the ups and downs of everyday life. At Core Identity we search to find where the divisions came from and work to correct them. We take you back where you should be and help you find peace within yourself. We aim to permanently heal your chronic symptoms.

We do that by treating the cause of the symptoms because treating the physical symptoms without working on the causes will only mask the problems, and they will eventually resurface.

We have been there, We CAN help!

Our mission at Core Identity is to provide solution based services helping individuals and families on their journey towards healthy living. Using cognitive guidance, nutritional intervention, and fitness training to help rectify the division in your core identity by closing the gap between the life you are striving for and the one you are living. We help you replace old negative thought patterns that have lead you to the place where you saw a need for change.

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