Our Team

Brezza Fantini


Email: bfantini@thecoreid.com

Husband, and father of 5 children, Brezza understands the many advantages that come with having a balanced family life. As a former professional athlete and international olympic level gymnastics coach, he also understands the importance of physical fitness. With over 20 years experience in the mental health industry, Brezza has dedicated his life studying people and how they work both internally and externally. His skills will empower you to make changes necessary for healthy living, incorporating evidence based treatments tailored to meet your needs.

Rebecca Dara


Email: rdara@thecoreid.com

As a wife and mother of 2 children, Rebecca understands the importance of wellness in the family. As the pre and post natal specialist at CID, she enjoys helping mothers prepare for and maintain a healthy lifestyle both during and after pregnancy. Rebecca understands that physical and mental health are crucial for everything from conception to delivery and beyond. With over 10 years experience in mental health, personal training, and equine therapy Rebecca plays an essential part in developing plans that work for you.

Kaila Bartley


Email: kbartley@thecoreid.com

Kaila's interest in how the human body could be fine-tuned is a result of her years playing competitive sports. This experience, combined with her passion for working with youth, makes her a perfect fit for CID's youth specialist. Kaila enjoys connecting with and teaching our youth about health and wellness in a fun, practical way that can be applied to other aspects of their lives. As a wife, Kaila understands the importance of having an open and honest communication platform and working together in order to reach common goal. Kaila's diverse background makes her an invaluable CID specialist.

Danielle Mason


Email: dmason@thecoreid.com

As the communications director Danielle plays an intricate part of the team here at Core Identity. With her great capacity of putting pen-to-paper, Danielle's extensive knowledge of communication makes her invaluable to CID. Danielle is responsible for developing communication strategies helping the advancement of our foundational efforts which are broadly impacted through the sharing of effective ideas and practices. These strategies include publications, partnerships with membership organizations, web marketing, social media, media outreach and conferences with tactical approaches for message development, scheduling and audience placement.